Brussels Sprouts to the Rescue

Birth control has never been my friend. Every time I start a new pack, the first week is spend bent over a toilet bowl, nauseous and dizzy. I gain weight, become moody and just don’t feel like myself. Yesterday’s start of a new pack brought on a new symptom and one I hope doesn’t continue. I woke up around 3am with the usually dizziness and made my way to the bathroom expecting to throw up as I’ve always done in the past when starting the very first pill. Instead, as I made my way to the bathroom I started to see black spots and have chills run through my body. The next thing I knew I was face down on the bathroom floor with my nose flat against the floor and I could taste blood.

Thankfully this was not my first time passing out and definitely will not be my last, so I wasn’t overly freaked out. I used to faint a lot more due to mental anxiety (e.g. the first time I ever put in my contacts, got my ears pierced, blood drawn etc). What scares me is this wasn’t a mental game. I was prepared to get sick and feel like complete shit after starting birth control.

With each new cycle and change of medications, I find the symptoms are changing and getting worse. I was having blurry vision from menopur and still experience minor vision changes every now and then. My dentist has noticed the health of my gums diminishing. And you can tell all the hormones are really taking a toll on my face and body. Not to mention all the scars, aka battle wounds, from all my surgeries.

I know this journey is not easy. I understand it will all be worth it. However as I sit here with a bag of Trader Joe’s brussels sprouts on my bruised face, I have to wonder…is this worth sacrificing my own health and wellbeing?

If you’ve followed my TTC journey for awhile now, you know I’m an optimistic person. I don’t give up easily and I like to see the positive in any situation. Oh and I also use sarcasm, humor and ice cream (dairy free of course) to get me through everything and anything that comes my way. I just want to know that physically, I’ll be okay.