Estrogen Levels

Going on three years of TTC I’ve definitely been googling A LOT less. However let’s be honest, I still LOVE to google!

Recently I’ve been googling successful FETs with low lining.

Currently my main issue is growing my lining. Ironically or not my follies are actually growing. I have a 12 and a few 10, 9 , and 8. For a second I thought about doing another egg retrieval, than I remembered the cost and pushed it out of my mind. We have 1 day 5 embie and 2 day 6. Those little tater tots are the ones, I just know it.

So I guess when it comes to my lining, I’m a grower not a shower…


Day 1 – <5
Day 4 – 5.27
Day 7 – 125
Day 10 – 156
Day 13 – 249


Day 1 – <3
Day 4 – <3
Day 7 – <3
Day 10 – no u/s
Day 13 – 6


75 Menopur
75 Gonal-f
estrogen patch
baby aspirin

Keep growing little lining!

On a separate note, whenever I smell rubbing alcohol I flinch a little. The pharmacies always send way more of these pads then you could ever possibly need or use. At this point I could probably clean my entire house with all the extra packets I have.