FET Postponed

6 estradiol pills, 2 patches and 3 vagifem suppositories just weren’t enough. My lining barely made it to a 7 today. 

You know when people tell you to trust your gut, well that’s what I should have done when my lining dropped the first time. I didn’t realize until I looked back at my calendar that I’ve been on estrogen since 5/7. Guess I’ve been having WAY too much fun jacked up on hormones. But that’s a long time. My gut was telling me that the pills and patched weren’t working. I know my body responds better to injections so why wasn’t I listening?

I’m stopping all medications today and giving my body a rest. I already set up a follow-up appointment for next Friday to discuss next steps and to review the change in protocol.

I’m fine with experimenting with my hormone levels and growing my lining. What I’m not fine with is experimenting with our embryos. Those little tater tots are safely frozen and I will not transfer them until I’m 100% sure my body is ready.

Will I get a period? I have absolutely no clue. All I know is that I’m happy I made the decision to stop the madness and take a much needed break.

Disclaimer: Estrogen is one powerful hormone. This morning I saw two ducks on the side of the road and next to them four fluffy little ducklings. I took one look and totally lost it. Tears streaming down my face, full on hysterical crying where I had to stop to catch my breath. When I was done crying I felt such a relief. Don’t you love a good cry every once in awhile!