Finding Balance: Preparing For A FET

For someone who usually scores high (like off the charts, top percentile) for testosterone, introducing estrogen into the mix has been an interesting adjustment.


4/29  - Stop Birth Control & Start Lupron 10 units

5/7 – Introduce Estradiol 1 pill 2X day

5/11 – Lining 5 – Increase Estradiol 2 pills 2X day / Decrease Lupron 5 units

5/13 – Lining 8 – Increase Estradiol 2 pills 3X day

5/21 – U/B Scheduled

For now, the transfer of our two little tater tots is still scheduled for Wednesday June 1st. I’ve been eating semi-healthy with the occasional desserts, but overall really focused on my health. The hubby and I have been walking Bella after work and I feel great physically. I’ve been watching and participating in several YouTube videos on pilates and home workouts. I especially love to sit back on my couch and watch while other women are demonstrating the specific leg moves or correct posture while lifting weights LOL

Overall preparing for this FET has been a breeze compared to my two other fresh IVF cycles.

Honestly work has been so hectic that I haven’t even had a chance to mentally freak out yet. Now I know we’re still two weeks away and I’m sure the days leading up to our transfer will be stressful, but for now I feel I have things under control. I’m ready for this next round and just ready to be pregnant already! My mission next week is to start reducing the amount of stress and travel at work. I like being busy, but traveling with meds and sleeping alone in hotel rooms isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.