The Waiting Continues: FET Transfer Cancelled

My transfer was scheduled for tomorrow, Sunday August 7th at 12:30.

Today’s ultrasound check showed that my lining had once again decreased to a 4 type 1. I laid there on the table trying to keep the tears back. I made it all the way to the lobby before breaking down and crying. I felt so frustrated and confused.

Driving to breakfast after my appointment, all I could think about was our three frozen embies and how happy I was that they’re still safe. This is my second cancelled transfer but I’ll cancel another 10 cycles before ever touching our little frozen tater tots.

I felt so calm and relaxed after acupuncture on Friday night, I need to get back to that place. If I’ve learned anything from this journey, it’s that I just need time to regroup and pick myself back up.

Now that I have a free day tomorrow I’m planning to take the bike out, throw Bella in the basket and explore some new areas.

I’ll be scheduling my WTF follow-up appointment on Monday. Trust me, I’ve already started my usual list of questions and concerns. I’m ready to hear my Doctor’s game plan and it better be SUPER aggressive. My lining better get it’s shit together because this part of the process is getting very old, very fast!